Michelin Retread Technologies




For professional hauliers & Fleet companies, retreading a tyre means above all reducing the cost price per mile whilst maintaining high performance standards. RECAMIC retreads tyres for all the big brands present in Europe. Today, almost one truck tyre in three sold in Europe is retreaded!


The visual, radiographic and shearographic diagnostics of worn tyres are a constant and precious source of information about the performance of casings. The causes of damage and the types of wear and tear fall into very precisely defined categories. The data is sent to researchers and developers who, based on factual evidence, are able to continuously improve our knowledge of the casings available in the European market.
The quality of the casing and regular preventive maintenance increase the potential to retread the tyre.
Tyres that have sustained too much damage (to the sidewalls, for example, or a badly damaged casing) cannot be retreaded for obvious safety reasons.

Respect for the environment

Casings rejected after initial examination are entrusted to organisations approved for the recycling of final waste in conditions respectful of the environment.