Michelin Retread Technologies

Who we are

Few elements about RECAMIC

RECAMIC is a retreaded brand of the Michelin Group. RECAMIC improves retreading safety and performance. With the Michelin Retread technologies, the RECAMIC retreaded tyres get a new lease on life similar to new tyre life.

Advantages of Michelin Retread Technologies

  • Michelin Retread Technologies on a Michelin Casing delivers mileage performance as good as a new tyre even on drive axle
  • Michelin Retread Technologies on a Michelin Casing delivers good fuel economy as compared to standard retread offers available in the market
  • Michelin Retread Technologies differentiates performance of Michelin tyres by improving on the second and third lives of the Michelin casings thereby giving significant cost reduction opportunities to the users
  • Strict quality control ensures consistent & reliable performance
  • Multi-position tread design means less inventory for the fleet manager
  • RECAMIC brings to the European users the 80 year old Michelin experience in retread technologies

How Michelin Retread Technology is different?

  • Tread: RECAMIC tread is as good as the tread on New Tyres. The specially formulated RECAMIC tread uses Michelin rubber compounds manufactured by Michelin. RECAMIC retreads matches with the new Michelin tyre application ensuring excellent mileage performance.
  • Process: A highly defined & systematic process ensures that from casing inspection to final inspection retreading is done as per RECAMIC process.. The process increases the reliability of casing multifold.
  • Trained Staff : Recamic entails rigorous training program for the retread plant. Every operator is trained and certified on RECAMIC specifications and work methods.
  • Quality & Reliability: Strict quality control by Michelin quality team through regular audits to ensure that the quality standards of every certified RECAMIC retread shop is maintained.
  • Reliable retreaded tyre: Through rigorous training, quality control and consistency of application, customers will get assured performance from their Recamic retreaded tyre.