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Recycling of worn tyres

Retreading is a responsible process that clearly meets our customers' safety criteria, whilst respecting the environment and preserving resources.
RECAMIC recycles waste using two processes:

  • Recycling of excess material to make rubber granules or crumb rubber by grinding. Crumb rubber can then be used to make playing surfaces for sports facilities, materials for acoustic insulation, casters etc
  • Energy production: tyres have a high calorific value when burnt. The chemical industry and sometimes urban heating stations use them as fuel.

Waste from tyres

The production processes used by RECAMIC generate waste that can be recycled in the form of crumb rubber. Each year, more than 3,300 tonnes are recycled in this way.
Examples of articles produced using crumb rubber:

  • Wheels and casters,
  • Slabs for playgrounds?
  • Playing surfaces for sports and equestrian facilities?
  • Synthetic grass,
  • Stop plates for shock absorbers…

Did you know that...

...retreading a truck tyre consumes a lot less fuel than producing a new one?
... at the end of its useful life, 80% of a tyre can still be used?
...producing a truck tyre can require up to 80 kilos of blended rubber, while retreading uses a maximum of just 30?
…all industrial waste from RECAMIC's tread production sites (boxes, sweepings, paper...) are reused for energy production or recycled?
...truck tyres can be retreaded up to three times, thus enabling three times the resources and energy to be saved and ensuring a corresponding reduction in waste?