Michelin Retread Technologies

Benefits of cold retreading


Retreading is a smart process that clearly meets our customers' safety criteria, whilst respecting the environment and preserving resources.

Your RECAMIC dealers recycles waste using two processes:

  1. Recycling of excess material to make rubber granules or crumb rubber by grinding. 
    Examples of articles produced using crumb rubber:
    • Wheels and casters,
    • Slabs for playgrounds
    • Playing surfaces for sports and equestrian facilities
    • Synthetic grass,
    • Stop plates for shock absorbers…
  2. Energy production: tyres have a high calorific value when burnt. The chemical industry and sometimes urban heating stations use them as fuel.

Did you know that...

...retreading a truck tyre consumes a lot less fuel than producing a new one?
...at the end of its useful life, 80% of a tyre can still be used?
...producing an average truck tyre can require up to 75 kg of blended rubber, while retreading uses a maximum of just 30 kg?
...truck tyres can be retreaded up to three times, thus enabling three times the resources and energy to be saved and ensuring a corresponding reduction in waste?